The sky’s the limit; with the ASUS Tinker Board 2 and Akasa’s Skyline Pro, anything is possible!

3 min readSep 13, 2022

Silence is bliss, the Tinker Board 2 and 2S can be passively cooled to the max.

LONDON, ENGLAND, August 2022 — Akasa, a leading provider of passive cooling and thermal solutions for the global electronics industry, has released a new case for the ASUS Tinker Board 2: give a cool welcome to Akasa’s Skyline Pro! With the pure aluminium body and crenelated city skyline design, the case acts as a heatsink to passively cool the motherboard, leaving nothing but silence!

The ASUS Tinker Board 2 and 2S have been upgraded from its predecessor with almost twice the performance. The board is also able to display two monitors at 4K UHD resolution, perfect for digital signage or advertisement boards. The Tinker Board includes some major customisation options, such as the RTC battery header, a micro-SD card slot (Tinker Board 2S comes with 16GB of eMMC storage), and a two-pin fan connector, which allow for many different setups. The board also supports Android 10, which gives it an advantage over other small computer boards.

The ridged heat sink design for the Skyline Pro emulates a scenic city skyline and helps with the dissipation of heat from the case. The case comes with two solid aluminium cores and thermal pads to ensure an excellent contact with the hottest computer chips. With the included thermal paste, an ideal heat transfer is achieved, protecting the vital components and the motherboard from damage caused by excess heat.
The case comes with all the ports necessary for inputs and outputs to the Tinker Board 2.

On the motherboard, there are three USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A and one Type C connection, along with slots for ethernet, HDMI (up to two 4K monitors), and expandable memory (in the form of a micro-SD card). Accessories play an essential role in the customizability of the ASUS Tinker Board, and the Skyline Pro is designed for high functionality; the case comes with openings for a camera module, display module, antenna holes and GPIO wiring.

To discuss customisation options, project details, or additional OEM services, contact sales@akasa.co.uk or call +44 (0)20 8578 0055 in the EU and +886 (0)2 2999 6289 for Asia Pacific and USA.

• The Skyline Pro starts at £23.95/€26.50 (prices may vary by reseller).
• The Skyline Pro is available to order throughout the UK, Europe, and the US, contact sales@akasa.co.uk to find a reseller near you.
• Optional accessories for the ASUS Tinker Board 2 and 2S (HDMI display cables, adapters, antennae, etc.) are also available from Akasa.

Akasa is a global computer hardware and electronics company that fuses innovative design with cutting-edge technology and engineering to deliver exceptional products for our customers. With over 20 years of experience, Akasa has extensive expertise to provide quality solutions to suit your needs. We offer passive and active case solutions, coolers, fans, PC lighting and a vast array of card readers, cables, and adapters.


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