[PRESS RELEASE] Akasa’s SOHO H6L and Alucia H6L al”low” for easy clearance in low-profile, small factor cases!

3 min readNov 17, 2022

These premium coolers are your best option for extreme heat; they can handle up to 130W TDP!

LONDON, ENGLAND, November 2022– Akasa, a leading provider of active CPU cooling solutions has recently produced a new low-profile CPU cooler, capable of taming some of the most powerful CPUs on the market. The SOHO H6L and Alucia H6L are both rated at 130W TDP, making them the perfect choice for high-performance, small form factor PC builds.

Akasa’s newest coolers are made up of premium heat sinks with six heat pipes to help disperse the heat from the processors. This allows for an efficient transfer of heat; the small and mighty coolers can handle up to 110W TDP CPUs (such as Intel i9 11900, and AMD’s Ryzen 9 5900). Complete your mini-ITX or thin mini-ITX motherboard builds using these high-performance coolers!

Compatibility is not an issue for the SOHO and Alucia H6L coolers, as mounting kits are included inside each package for current LGA 1200, AM4 and almost all previous socket sizes (LGA 15XX, and AM3+). The mechanism is easy to install, simply follow the instructions in the manual to set up the cooler for each socket type.

The SOHO AR fan included with SOHO H6L has an iconic, minimalist, neon-style aRGB ring, with over 16 million lighting combinations. The aRGB connects using a three-pin 5V header, seamlessly controlled using all major RGB control software such as Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, ASUS AURA, ASRock Polychrome and Razer Chroma RGB. Akasa also provides aRGB controllers if the motherboard does not include them, which are an excellent addition to any colourful build (for example, product code AK-RLD-04).

If space is even more of a problem, Akasa has also made the Alucia H6LS, which includes a slim version of the Alucia fan. This reduces the height even further, from 67.2 mm to 57 mm, whilst maintaining a high TDP rating of 110W. Go further with the small form factor, a compact and powerful cooler is available in the Alucia H6LS!

Specifications and Customisation Options


  • The Alucia H6LS, Alucia H6L, and SOHO H6L start at £50.95/€52.95, £49.95/€51.95, and £53.95/€55.95, respectively (prices may vary by reseller).
  • The Alucia H6LS, Alucia H6L, and SOHO H6L are available to order throughout the UK, Europe, and the US, contact sales@akasa.co.uk to find a reseller near you.


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