Give a roar of excitement for the new Tiger Canyon: the 11th generation of Intel’s NUC line hits shelves!

3 min readJun 3, 2021


Intel has shifted their focus towards an increased graphic performance in their newest Tiger Canyon NUC release; the motherboards are now available for purchase separately.

LONDON, ENGLAND, June 2021 — Intel have released a new line of Next Unit of Computing (NUC) under the Pro moniker, using the Tiger Canyon chipset — named NUC 11 Pro. Versions of the Core™ i3, i5 and i7 processors are integrated on the high-quality motherboard, which is suitable for home and office use, as well as edge computing and light gaming applications. With this release, the improved performance makes these powerful machines to keep up the increasingly intensive applications required.

This generation of NUCs includes Intel’s latest integrated Xe Graphics, which have enough computing power to support one 8K or four 4K displays at 60Hz. This focus on graphical performance shows changed approach towards the small form factor PC, as program requirements become more demanding. Included with the graphics is the Deep Learning Boost AI engine which speeds up the performance of the graphics processor and the PC.

The Intel NUC 11 Pro comes equipped with Intel vPro™ technology, which protects the board from security threats — built directly into the hardware for an added layer of defence. This generation has improved protection against certain attacks, such as ransomware and crypto mining attacks. vPro™ technology also includes the remote manageability feature, allowing professionals to diagnose and repair problems with PCs, even if the devices are powered off.

Advanced hyperthreading technology optimises the number of threads running at a given time, allowing the motherboard to reach the maximum speeds in the CPU. Combined with the qualification for 24/7 operation, makes this motherboard perfect for setups such as many industrial applications and ATMs.

New to this motherboard is a M.2 PCIe NVMe Gen 4 slot, compatible with the latest generation of storage drive. This upgrade brings the board in line with the newest Intel chipset generation too, on par with AMD. The board has a better performance per watt than the previous generations and comes with the ability to purchase the motherboards separately. This allows for better customisation and to use your own chosen case out of the box.

Akasa, a leading provider of NUC fanless cases, have been producing premium, high quality fanless cases for the NUC motherboards, which have shown to excel at cooling the powerful CPUs. In response to the Tiger Canyon release, the Turing, Plato, Pascal, and Newton cases have all been updated to be fully compatible. Along with the sleek, futuristic design, these cases can be used as the centrepiece of a setup or can be hidden away for a clean, truly silent aesthetic.

These cases are available for your needs, whether you need something aesthetic (Turing TN), thin (Plato TN), small (Newton TN) or weather resistant (Pascal TN), there is a case that is perfect for you! The cooling potential of each case allows the motherboards to perform at their best, whilst staying completely silent.

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