Akasa collaborates with Swiss school on PC building project

3 min readMar 10, 2021

How old were you when you first discovered your interest in PC building? Since the hobby tends to be quite expensive, many don’t start until they can fund it by themselves — which can be hard when you are in school. David Brodard, a teacher of Class 11S of the Cycle d’Orientation de Marly in Switzerland, is now working hard to change that with his new passion project that teaches students about computer building, physical sciences and contacting businesses.

When hearing about the project, Akasa was eager to support the project and help with parts.

Akasa was first contacted by the students themselves in an e-mail where they requested help with the supply of PC parts for their school project. Along with providing essentials like a computer case, various cables and a Power Supply Unit (PSU), Akasa also provided some interesting and vibrant addressable RGB products such as the Vegas Chroma Cooler, Vegas MB LED strips and Vegas R7 case fans — to add fun and colour to the PC builds. Over the course of a month, the students then started building two PCs using among others the parts provided by Akasa. At the end of the project, the they had the opportunity to present their completed builds to the rest of the school on the last day before the Christmas holidays which led to much positive feedback from other students.

Teacher David Brodard described the project to have been a “perfect pretext to approach the themes of electricity and optics in the physical sciences”. As a hardware enthusiast himself, Brodard finds “the two things [he] need[s]” in building PCs: the opportunity to learn and being able to express one’s creativity. Additionally, the project was also able to make links to other subjects as the students “learned a lot about how to approach a business and also practised their skills in English”.

Following its success, the demand for a continuation of the project was high, and as such, the project has already been renewed to run with a different group of students until Easter. After that, it is also planned to continue again with another group of students until the end of the school year in July.

Akasa’s Technical Product Manager, Ivan Marquez, has expressed great excitement for the project and gives his best wishes to the students and teacher: “I was very excited about the opportunity to encourage young students to learn more about and join STEM subjects. I am also very happy to hear of the continuation of the project and that the parts Akasa provided will be of great use to teach more groups of students in the future.”

Jana Fadeeva — marketing@akasa.co.uk